Daniel AguirreDaniel Aguirre is a Junior in Notre Dame’s Class of 2024. Since entering Notre Dame in the Fall of 2020, Daniel has grown exponentially. When Notre Dame adopted the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 2021, Dan applied at the end of his sophomore year. Amongst many applicants, Dan was accepted into the program.

He has since achieved first honors in the program- a program which is internationally recognized as being one of the most academically challenging program for high schoolers. In fact, colleges and universities recognize this IB diploma to be one of the most attractive achievements an applicant can have. Dan is gifted in the area of mathematics and science, and he looks forward to his college options over the next year.

His Engineering Design teacher, Dr. Yolanda Valencia, says…”Daniel is a bright young man who is always willing to help his peers. In our class he always enters the room with a kind demeanor, and a warm smile and enthusiastically participates in class discussions.” Additionally, Dan has been inducted into the “Mu Alpha Theta” Math Honor Society as well as the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. He is excited to celebrate his induction at the Honors Night ceremony later this year.

In addition to his academic achievements, Dan’s athletic career is nothing short of impressive. Dan is a two-sport athlete of both the 2022 Class M Varsity State Champion Football team as well as the Wrestling team. This year, Daniel has seen much improvement in his wrestling record which is a testament to his hard work and determination. Notre Dame Head Wrestling coach, Rich Anderson, says… “Dan has been a leader on and off the wrestling mat. He successfully went down two weight classes and did it in a manner that he maintained his strength and health. This is the mark of a leader. He did what was best for the team. His record this year has improved immensely and he has contributed to us winning some big matches.”

When asked about the Shepherds program, Daniel’s face lit up. He remarked that without the Shepherds program, his attendance at Notre Dame High School, as well as the guidance of his mentor, would not be a possibility. He certainly has taken advantage of every opportunity offered, and we look forward to watching Daniel continue to work towards his dreams.