Mentor training

Orientation and Training

Before you begin your mentor experience, Shepherds requires all prospective mentors to participate in an intensive half day of orientation and training where we'll cover four important topics:

  • Shepherds' mission, goals and culture
  • Profile of Shepherds Students, their families and our partner schools
  • The role and expectations of being a Shepherds Mentor
  • Safe Environment Policies and Best Practices

In the second part of the day, mentors meet their assigned student and families and get to know them in a social setting.

Shepherds School Liaisons

students in classroom

Mentor/Student Coaches extraordinaire!
Shepherds employs experienced academic professionals who act as liaisons between the Shepherds program, the students, their mentors and their respective partner schools.

Partner School Liaisons

For mentors, they are the first line of inquiry on student academic and social issues. For Shepherds Students, they provide oversight of student grades, discipline and compliance with Shepherds standards.

Supporting The Mentoring Experience

Mentor/Student Opportunities

Mentor/Student Activities

Shepherds provide community virtual activities and opportunities for Shepherds Mentors and Students to connect during this health crisis.

Additionally, we have collected online activities that Shepherds Mentors and Students can experience together, outside of community events, while remaining physically apart.  Online games, virtual tours of famous locations, online fun classes and college tours suggestions can all be found on the Mentor/Student Activities page.


All freshmen students and their mentors are assigned to 2-4 mentor/student team pods to facilitate group planning. Particularly for freshmen, group activities with peers are a much more comfortable way to break in new relationships.

  • Mentors are encouraged to initiate and help one another plan group activities for fun and community building.
  • Pods have participated in service projects such as attending sporting events on local college campuses, participating in community service projects, bowling, painting classes, finding your way as a team out of an escape room.
On-site biweekly one-on-one lunches
In cooperation with our partner schools, periodic lunch periods are available for mentors to spend quality time with their student.
Periodic community-wide events
Several events are held throughout the year that are for students and mentors to get together. Events vary in both size and purpose. Some are small groups events where a limited number of people participate in a service project or local community event. Others, like our fall opening day or graduation celebrations, bring the entire Shepherds community together. Normally, we hold a number of community-wide events throughout the year to bring students and their mentors together. These typically include an event at the beginning and end of the school year and often one in mid-year.


Monthly e-Newsletter
Shepherds eNewsletters contain general information, upcoming events and ideas for individual enrichment activities.
Weekly social media postings
  • Facebook – Be sure and follow our Facebook page for various updates and upcoming events
  • Closed Facebook Account – Shepherds has a closed and private Facebook forum where mentors can share thoughts and ideas. If you are a mentor, please email and request an invitation.
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
Additional Resources — and Student Sponsor Partners are both outside resources that focus on mentoring.
Board Level Mentoring Committee 

Chaired by Shepherds Mentor Committee Chairperson, this Committee guides the overall training and support of the Shepherds Mentor community. Mentors are welcomed to join this Committee.


On-line access to grades

Each partner school provides on-line access to the mentor’s student’s curriculum, grades, and report cards.

Parent/teacher meeting days
With the student’s parents’ agreement ahead of time. mentors are welcomed to participate in the periodic Parent/Teacher meeting days at the partner schools.
Access to guidance counselors

While parents have primary responsibility for student academic progress and disciplinary experience, each school’s guidance counselor is available for questions on curriculum and college planning. It’s often best to first check with our Shepherds School Liaison to see if that’s best direction to go to answer your question.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Sponsor / Mentor through our program, please email or call 1-203-367-4273.