Who Are Shepherds Families?

Shepherds' role is to support families in achieving what they believe is important for their child. Our view is to create a team with parents in charge, Shepherds and the Shepherds Mentor as the coach, and the high school as the field where our star athlete, the student, is expected to excel.

Shepherds Families

What it Means to be a Parent of a Shepherds Student

Shepherds wants to support families in achieving what they believe is important for their child. We believe families would not be considering Shepherds if they didn’t want the same thing for their child as Shepherds and our partner schools strive to provide:

  • A quality college-prep education in a safe and caring academic environment
  • A relationship with another adult who is willing to share their experience and knowledge with their child
  • Opportunities to participate in supplemental college and life skills programs that are typically available to students in more affluent communities
Donna and mom

Family Responsibilities

Like their student, families sign an agreement each year that enumerates those responsibilities and commitments. Those responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the student’s academic and behavioral progress
  • Assuring the student has a good attendance and tardy record
  • Assuring the student communicates punctually and politely with their mentor
  • Assuring your student communicates with you on their plans for activities with their mentor
  • Prioritizing attendance in Shepherds programs ahead of athletic and work activities and family responsibilities as much as possible
  • Paying the family portion of all tuition and fees punctually and completely

If problems arise with fulfilling any of these commitments, Shepherds Staff will engage with families to rectify the problem and get the relationship back on track. Families should contact the school regarding financial or student disciplinary matters. The student is our priority, and we work with families to ensure that we are all fulfilling our respective responsibilities.

Families should speak with a member of the Shepherds staff or the partner school’s administration before any concerns get to be persistent or become dire.