Two Shepherds mentors


Shepherds Mentors are adult volunteers, typically of the same gender as the student, committed to the Shepherds' mission. They make the time to serve as role models, confidants, and cheerleaders for a deserving inner-city high school student.

Many of our mentors are accomplished professionals as well as experienced parents who have raised young adults. They come from a variety of backgrounds, but the key characteristics of successful mentoring include:

  • The ability to listen
  • Patience
  • The desire to encourage success
  • Deference to parental values and priorities
  • A willingness to make an effort to build the relationship over time


A Shepherds Mentor commits to spending time, sharing their experiences and communicating regularly with their student during their four years of high school. Typically, the time commitment is at the discretion of the Mentor working in cooperation with the student and their family.

Shepherds encourages Mentors to spend at least four hours per month in one-on-one or group quality time sessions with the student. The goal is to be involved and current in their lives.

Weekly conversations are often an easy way to maintain communication in between face-to-face activities and events. It’s all about communication.

Meet Our Mentors

Fred, Shepherds Mentor

Carrie, Shepherds Mentor

Mark, Shepherds Mentor

“The Shepherds' program allowed me to have a direct and meaningful impact.”

“I would encourage anyone to get involved and become a Shepherds Mentor.”

“It’s a great experience to be able to mentor a young person.”

Mentor Resources

Shepherds dedicates extensive resources of time and expense to the recruiting, training and support of Shepherds Mentors which builds a foundation for success for both the Mentor and the Student.

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Joe Mentoring Student