work hard

A significant percentage of graduates of the Shepherds program have chosen careers in the health care field. Melissa Bonnilla-Sanchez, Shepherds and Kolbe Cathedral HS class of 2009, is a respiratory therapist and the story of her resilience and determination is inspiring. Her mother, Shepherds’ mentor, Hope Carter, and other mentors she collected along the way helped her live the motto that was critical to her success: Work hard and be nice.

Thank you to Melissa and all the Shepherds’ alumni who have chosen to pursue careers in health care. Education is the gift that keeps on giving – and not just to the student – but to our entire community.

Being a Shepherds mentor changes lives and we are recruiting mentors for the class of 2024 starting in the fall. Join us today by contacting Executive Director Dan McAuliffe at or call 203-367-4273.