Dear Shepherds Friend,

Many often think Spring is the time of year that is full of new beginnings. But when your mission is facilitating the education of young people, Fall becomes that time of excitement and wonder about what is to come.

Earlier this month, we welcomed the eleven students of the Kolbe Cathedral Shepherds Class of 2025 and the five young men of Notre Dame Shepherds Class of 2025. At the time of publication, our Class of 2025 mentors have undergone most of their training, Kolbe Cathedral Shepherds Students and Mentors have met last Saturday for the first time, and Shepherds is preparing for Notre Dame’s new Shepherds Students and Mentors to meet this Saturday.

Beginnings aren’t just for the freshman. After a nearly a year and a half of hybrid/remote learning, distanced from their friends, teammates and teachers, sophomore, junior and senior Shepherds Students and Mentors are enjoying fresh starts too. New classes, new teachers, new challenges and new opportunities await Students and Mentors alike. Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and plan some fun outdoor activities. In this newsletter, you will find some great options to spend time together.

Putting brackets on the beginning and still evolving experience that Shepherds offers Mentors and Students, this month’s Newsletter features video interviews with Shepherds Board Director and Class of 2025 Mentor Tom Wynne and Shepherds Notre Dame Class of 2017 graduate Jerrell Dorsey (Babson College, ’21). If you want to see what makes Shepherds work and what makes it successful, watch these two short interviews.

Shepherds is kicking-off the school year with a fresh start too. We welcome a new Director of Development, Jane MacDonald. Jane has extensive experience in the non-profit fund raising world at major healthcare institutions and non-profits in the CT/NY metropolitan area. Jane brings drive, creativity, initiative to the critical role of helping us build the financial resources required for Shepherds to fulfill our mission of “Changing Lives … One Student at a Time.” I trust many of you will be getting to know Jane in the months ahead and are welcomed to contact her with any ideas or referrals.

And so the adventure of a new school year begins! Enjoy, have fun and, of course, be careful!

Dan McAuliffe