Shepherds spoke recently with Ruby Melton recently and she reflected upon her experience as a Shepherds Mentor to Ernie Gabriel Santiago. Ruby is also a former member of the Shepherds Board of Directors.

I first met Ernie when he was a freshman at Notre Dame High School. He was part of the Shepherds program and I had agreed to be his mentor and sponsor during his four years of high school. At our first meeting he told me his dream was to become a pediatric nurse. And he is well on his way! He is entering his final year in Quinnipiac’s nursing program. Mentoring Ernie was the best thing I ever did. And following and supporting him on his journey to achieve his dream has brought me such joy!

And I can say without hyperbole that Shepherds was a life changer for me and Ernie, as it has been and continues to be for the young people —and their mentors and sponsors—that come through the program. I hope Shepherds continues to do this good work for many years to come.