Student walking to school

“Too many young people are left in the lurch, wandering aimlessly in a professional wilderness. No one succeeds on their own. The myth of individual exceptionalism, that truly motivated people can pull themselves up by their boot straps, obscures how people really get ahead — with the assistance of others.”

A mentor provides both guidance and help for socio-economically and academically challenged high school students. The Shepherds program has a 20+ year track record of success. 95% of our students graduate compared their inner-city peers rate of 55-65%. Last year 100% of our students went on to college.

While Shepherds provides the opportunity for a college preparatory education, a mentor works hand in hand to provide the guidance for success.

Shepherds is recruiting mentors for the freshman entering our program this fall. Join us in making an impact on a young person’s life by becoming a mentor! Contact Dan McAuliffe at or call 203-367-4273.