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June 2020

Dear Shepherds Community, 

We hope that this finds you safe and healthy in these unsettled times.  

As we face the devastation wrought on our country and our world by the  Covid-19 crisis, we also acknowledge, as we always have, that there exists  in this country great social and economic inequality. We understand and  wish to extend our thoughts of support to all members of our extended  Shepherds community who are both suffering from and troubled by these  ongoing circumstances.  

Shepherds’ mission remains the same today as it was 20 years ago. We  continue to close the opportunity gap for young people in our inner cities  by providing this under-served community with access to quality high  school education, life skills training, college prep workshops and activities,  and adult mentoring that helps to guide them during their most formative  teenage years. Shepherds promotes educational and life opportunities for  our Shepherds students by investing in and extending their human  potential.  

We are justly proud of our Shepherds alumni who do their part to make  the world a better place in every way, including by reinvesting in their  communities and by giving their time and energy back to Shepherds. 

Shepherds continues unwaveringly in its mission of Changing Lives…One  Student at a Time.  

We thank you and welcome your continued support of Shepherds in our  important and critical endeavor.  


Timothy Stuart, Chair 

Barnet Phillips, IV, Vice Chair and Co-Founder 

on behalf of The Shepherds Board of Directors