Dear Shepherds Friends,

January is Mentor Appreciation Month!

On behalf of Shepherds’ students and the staff and Board of Shepherds, we recognize and celebrate our Shepherds Mentors this month. You have generously volunteered your time to help change a life.

From much experience, we observe that our students don’t always recognize or overtly express their appreciation of your efforts. But we also observe that by the time graduation rolls around or maybe even a few years later, the lightbulb goes off and they say, “Hey, you know what? If it wasn’t for [fill-in your name], I wouldn’t be where I am today.” So, my message is, “hang in there!”

And for seniors and juniors Mentors in particular, you had two plus years of pandemic disruptions with which to contend. Shepherds mentors who have made it through deserve a special laudatory thank you. And to all the mentors in the younger years, please know that Shepherds students do appreciate your efforts as do we. This fall we celebrate our 25th year of Changing Lives. You’re all part of that history and  integral to building a better future for your student! Celebrate yourself!




Dan McAuliffe

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